FoamyIQ Cranberry Ice 42oz. Soap Cartridge & Bracket


  • Product Description

      Formulated to leave skin feeling softer, smoother and silky, it features a tangy-cranberry fragrance and does not contain ingredients that contribute to dry skin. Cranberry Ice can be used as a hand, hair, and body wash.  Cartridges by design, there are no costly dispensers to install, maintain or repair. And no refilling is necessary. When foamyiQ is empty, simply remove it from the bracket (Provided for FREE), and snap on a fresh, new one. It´s as simple as: Attach, Deplete, Repeat.
  • About

    •  KLEEN OPENER makes taking out the trash Quick and Easy

       KLEEN STATION Sanitizer Kit keeps Hands Healthier

  • Product Details

    • Variant: 1 Cartridge Pack
    • SKU: KS20021 Unit
    • Weight: 3.5 lb