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Coronavirus Precautions for Apartment Owners | Covid-19 Public Health Concern

Coronavirus Precautions for Apartment Owners | Covid-19 Public Health Concern


*As this is a current news issue that changes on the daily, this article may include information that is outdated or updated. We will do our best to update this article to reflect the current state of affairs. But make sure to keep in mind our publish date so you can compare this article to current news updates*


More people staying home means more trash at apartment complexes. 

The CDC's current safety guidelines encourages the public to self distance and avoid public gatherings.

Additionally, local governments are mandating various levels of quarantines. For example in the City of Los Angeles (where our business Kleen Opener is located) bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, and gyms are being closed to the public and these end dates keep extending. Many universities and school districts across the nation are closed and moved to online classes.

As time goes on one can expect more of these types of closures to happen all across the United States. Closures are important to promote self distancing in an attempt to reduce the spread and severity of the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.

This means that more people will be staying home in the weeks to come.


More People Staying at Home = More Trash


Open dumpster lid with garbage bags overflowing onto the ground below


Apartment complexes and multi family properties will most likely experience an increased amount of waste as people are self distancing for COVID-19.

An increased amount of waste means that garbage bins and dumpsters may be overflowing. Garbage overflow is a public health concern as it spreads germs and bacteria.

Apartment owners and property management companies should take precautions for the public health of tenants and residents.

A proactive approach to an increased amount of trash in critical during this pandemic.


Precautions For Increased Waste in Apartment Complexes


1. Order additional bins from your local waste hauler


2. Ask if you can set up more frequent pick ups temporarily


3. Make sure that your dumpsters are accessible


4. Inform your community and ask your tenants to be vigilant about properly and safely disposing of waste


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