Product Use

Kleen Opener is an innovative, easy to use, dumpster lid opener. It is a device that attaches to the top of the side rail of your metal or plastic dumpster. Kleen Opener is a hydraulic assisted arm that easily raises, holds open, and closes heavy dumpster lids with a simple pull of a strap.

Once installed, Kleen Opener is easy to use. Taking out the trash is safer and frustration free.

To use Kleen Opener simply pull up on the orange strap. Pull up on the strap 6-12 inches until the arm raises the rest of the way by itself. Kleen Opener will stay raised and hold the dumpster lid open hands free. To close the lid, simply reach up and pull down on the orange strap. Pull down completely until the lid closes.

The team at Kleen Opener is committed to making the best product possible. We have adapted the Kleen Opener to fit custom to your specific dumpster type. We have created four different mounting brackets to make sure the Kleen Opener mounts onto your metal or plastic dumpster. It is important that you follow our Installation Manual to correctly mount your Kleen Opener.

We know that dumpsters get dumped...and it is not always a gentle process. We are proud to produce a product that is durable to withstand tough dumpster and weather conditions. Kleen Opener is made of tough fiber glass and high grade zinc plated steel.

While we can't 100% guarantee that your Kleen Opener will stay on forever, we hope to help alleviate this risk by offering a One Year Warranty on all Kleen Openers. Check out Warranty details in the footer at the bottom of the web page.

Check out our Video tab in the Navigation bar to see a video of a dumpster with Kleen Opener getting emptied by waste haulers.

Kleen Opener is not attached to the dumpster lid so the lids will be able to open when tilted by waste haulers. We have a post on our Blog that goes into more detail about this process if you would like to know more.

Additionally, we now include the Nylon Strap Cleat accessory with every Kleen Opener. It is a hook that attaches to the front of the dumpster to hold the orange pull down straps out of the way of the waste haulers forks. Although, if installed correctly, it is typical that the straps will not fall directly in front of the forklift opening. But we include this accessory as an added functionality.

Ordering Kleen Opener

Please visit our "Mount Types Explained" article on our Blog. Here we explain in more detail about how to determine which Mount Type matches your specific dumpster.

Additionally this information can be found on our Kleen Opener product pages. Simply scroll down and you will see examples.

If you are still unsure which Mount Type is best for you, please Contact Us!

Fixed Rate shipping on all products within USA. Based on number of units ordered, $19.95 per unit.

International shipping rates determined by carrier selection at checkout.

We try to fulfill orders within one business day. We will reach out to you should we expect any delays. Once shipped, you will receive an email notification with tracking information.

Want to save on shipping? Add-on the Tool Kit and Extra Pull Down Straps when ordering your Kleen Opener. The Add-on selection appears right below the "Add to Cart" button on the Kleen Opener product pages. You will avoid paying extra shipping by purchasing them now as an add-on than if you were to order them separately.

For Bulk orders of 16+ units please contact us for further information.

Kleen Opener offers a One Year One Time Replacement Warranty on Kleen Opener Kits. To view our full warranty and returns policy check out the Customer Support section in the footer at the bottom of this page.

If something is not quite right with any part of your Kleen Opener, feel free to reach out to us so we can help you! At the end of the day we are customer oriented and want you to have the best Kleen Opener experience.

Still Have Questions? Contact Us and we will get back to you shortly!