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Kleen Opener is the best, most convenient dumpster lid opener for your metal or plastic dumpsters. Why settle for a Prop when you can have a real helper? See why this is the solution you've been waiting for and why you should #GetKleen.


  • Keep Odors In - Avoid Staff Leaving Dumpster Lids Open Due to Germs and Dirty, Sticky Lids.
  • Keep Animals Out - Avoid Dumpster Lids Being Propped Open for Ease.
  • Protect Against Health Code Violations - Avoid Trash Pile Up and Open Lids.
  • Easy to Use by Staff of All Ages and Sizes.
  • Affordable and Very Easy to Install.

Kleen Opener is a lid lifter for commercial dumpsters. Our product has custom mounting brackets to fit your metal or plastic dumpster. We can fit the following dumpster sizes:

  • 2 yard dumpster
  • 3 yard dumpster
  • 4 yard dumpster
  • 6 yard dumpster
  • 10 yard dumpster


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