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Introducing the Nylon Strap Cleat: Kleen Opener Product Update

Introducing the Nylon Strap Cleat: Kleen Opener Product Update


The Kleen Opener team is dedicated to designing the best custom products to serve our clients’ needs and to bring safety, efficiency, and compliance to facilities everywhere.

We are so grateful to our clients who believe in the product enough to provide us with feedback. We encourage feedback and want to hear about your experience using our product, so please reach out to us via the Contact Us page or email us here.

Customer feedback and our personal experience led us to develop an additional piece for the Kleen Opener, the nylon strap cleat.


What is the Nylon Strap Cleat?

The nylon strap cleat attaches to the front of the dumpster via Loctite Super Glue Gel. The cleat serves as a hook to hold the strap in place when not in use. Additionally, the cleat keeps the strap out of the way of the waste hauler’s forks when picking up the dumpster. It is easy to install, easy to use, and a practical addition to our Kleen Opener Kit.

We are fabricating these cleats in house and will be shipping two cleats along with extra adhesive tape in every Kleen Opener Left and Right Kit. The cleats are made of durable and lightweight nylon material to withstand the weather and elements it may be exposed to.



dumpster with straps hanging on nylon strap cleat


How to Install:

The nylon strap cleats come with a tube of Loctite Super Glue Gel. Keep out of contact with skin! Squeeze glue onto the flat base of both nylon cleats. The cleat should be mounted 12-20 inches from the side of the dumpster and facing up. Apply with some pressure for 30 seconds to let the adhesive bond. (Look at back of super glue packaging for manufacturer’s best practices.)

When deciding where to mount your cleat, make sure to note the length of your strap to ensure that it will reach the cleat. The cleat must be mounted facing up to allow the strap to become unhooked when the Kleen Opener lifts open or when getting dumped by waste haulers.


 nylon strap cleat on dumpsterstrap hanging on nylon strap cleat


How to Use the Nylon Strap Cleat:

Once mounted simply drape the loop of the orange pull down strap over the cleat. The strap should then be resting out of the way of the waste hauler’s forks.

To use your Kleen Opener simply take the strap off of the loop and then operate as usual by lifting the strap 6-8 inches. After pulling down the orange strap to close your dumpster lid, place the end loop of the orange pull down strap over the hook of the cleat.

The design of this cleat ensures that our device will operate even if the user forgets to remove strap from cleat. If the user forgets to take the strap off of the cleat and goes to lift the strap it will release from the cleat since it is facing upwards, and the Kleen Opener will lift the lid.

Additionally, the nylon strap cleat does not affect your dumpster from being dumped. Since the Kleen Opener is not attached to the dumpster lid, if the strap were to get caught around the cleat during dumping, the dumpster lids will still open properly even if the Kleen Opener does not open.




We are excited about this upgrade to our product design. We hope that our customers enjoy the nylon strap cleats as an addition to the Kleen Opener Kit, no extra charge. And thank you to all our invaluable customers who continue to provide us with their feedback and experiences.

Have you received the nylon strap cleat with your purchase? Let us know what you think!


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