Kleen Opener Right Side



Kleen Opener Right Side

Kleen Opener Right Side contains one right arm custom for your dumpster type. Our innovative and easy to use dumpster lid opener is sure to make your trash experience safer, more efficient, more hygienic, and compliant with local codes.

SANITARY: Prevent lid touching contamination & keep lids properly closed so surrounding areas stay clean & odor free.

SAFETY: Eliminate hand, arm, shoulder, neck & back injury with hands free lid opening technology. 

PEST CONTROL: Stop pest infestation, its related mess & spread of disease by keeping lids properly closed.

EFFICIENCY: Reduce labor & increase productivity with the hydraulic assisted lift.

COMPLIANT: Avoid the most common violation & legal risk by keeping the lids closed.

Kleen Opener is your dumpster lid opener solution if your facility, business, job site or residential property has a metal or plastic dumpster. Thanks to the convenient pull down straps & hydraulic assisted arm, users can LIFT THE DUMPSTER LID EFFORTLESSLY & without the risk of contamination, safely KEEP THE LID OPEN HANDS FREE & EASILY CLOSE THE DUMPSTER LID after garbage disposal, staying compliant. This revolutionary design is environmentally durable and INSTALLS IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to save you from countless trash related problems.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fits the right side of a metal or plastic dumpster
  • Made of strong fiberglass & plated with high grade steel zinc
  • Highly visible, easy to use strap handles
  • Includes hardware, extra straps (2 straps total) & extra hardware
  • Precision engineered & custom manufactured for extreme conditions 
  • Backed by 1+ years of consumer research & rigorous testing
  • Patented design
  • Designed, assembled & tested in USA
  • Measures 28"L x 5"H & extends to 56”L
  • Product Weight: 12.4lbs
  • One year warranty included


Kleen Opener Dumpster Specifications Explained

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