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Kleen Opener is proud to offer waste management solutions for facilities everywhere. We often work with restaurants and universities to improve their high volume trash and dumpster experience. Kleen Opener provides efficiency and safety to workers everywhere. Read what our customers have to say about their experience. 



"There are very few gadgets that I love and Kleen Opener is definitely one of them. After testing it out for a few weeks and it was amazing. So easy to use and operate. Every high volume restaurant should have a Kleen Opener on their bins."

Jason Benevente
Executive Chef, Nobu LA


"The Kleen Opener is an ingenious contraption that has become a lifesaver to vertically challenged custodians on our Team. The ease and simplicity of it is remarkable considering the benefits! In many cases the edge of the dumpster is taller than the person using it. The Kleen Opener can significantly reduce the potential for injuries to back and shoulders as well as helping to avoid being dripped on by leaking garbage bags."

Mary Denney

Environmental Services Manager, Pacific Lutheran University

"The trash bins used by our Campus Center service dock are high usage, and includes waste from 7 food concepts serving 2000+ meals daily. It's easy to say we take out a lot of trash. We went to each concept to ask their thoughts on the Kleen Opener Kits. Many responded that it makes the tasks of emptying the trash easier. A few were very passionate about the kits and how it makes it much easier because they don’t have to struggle to hold onto the lids while putting the trash bags in the bin.  Kleen Opener has done a great job of helping us keep the lids from being left open and improving the health and safety of our facility."

Pablo Buckingham

Associate Director, Student Life Business Services | University of Hawaii
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