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      Kleen Station Hand Sanitizer Station is portable and designed to be used Outdoor or Indoor with easy to read Instructions. Kleen Station includes a Sturdy All-Weather Base, and mounting bracket for the foamyiQ Sanitizer Cartridge.


      Kleen Station Kit: Includes two foamyiQ Lemon Blossom Sanitizer Cartridges ($40 value)

      Kleen Station Only: Includes everything except sanitizer cartridges.

      Have your own sanitizer? Please Contact Us to discuss bracket mounting options.


      We are proud to offer foamyiQ sanitizer from Spartan Chemican Company:

      Specially formulated to be alcohol-free and triclosan-free. This gentle and effective foaming, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer features a light, floral fragrance. Includes foamyiQ mounting bracket and changing key.

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    •  KLEEN OPENER makes taking out the trash Quick and Easy

       KLEEN STATION Sanitizer Kit keeps Hands Healthier

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