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How Kleen Opener Works When Dumpsters are Emptied

How Kleen Opener Works When Dumpsters are Emptied


We all know that dumpsters get dumped... and it is not always the most gentle process. One of the questions we get asked the most at Kleen Opener is how our product holds up when dumpsters are lifted and emptied by waste haulers. Does Kleen Opener stay on the dumpster? Will the dumpster lids open when tilted by the dump truck?

We understand your concerns. One of the biggest factors we take into consideration when designing our product is durability to withstand waste hauling conditions. We are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how our product Kleen Opener works when dumpsters are being emptied. Additionally, at the bottom of this page you can watch a video to see exactly what happens when waste haulers empty a dumpster with Kleen Opener.


Does Kleen Opener keep the lids from opening?

No. Kleen Opener is not attached to the lid of your dumpster. It is installed on the top side rail of the body of the dumpster. Therefore your dumpster's lids open freely when lifted and dumped, if installed correctly.

Often the Kleen Opener arms will also open with the lid when the dumpster is tipped over due to gravity. But sometimes the device will remain closed. Either way, the dumpster lids will open for the waste to be emptied.


How does Kleen Opener stay on when the dumpster is dumped?

We have designed and tested our product to stay firmly mounted to your dumpster even when tipped and dumped by waste haulers. When developing the product we realized that there are many different types of dumpsters. This led us to create four different Mount Types with custom mounting brackets. It is important that you get the correct Mount Type for your dumpster so that Kleen Opener will install correctly.

We are confident that our installation process keeps your Kleen Opener (and investment) secure. You can check out our Installation Video and Installation Manual for more details. Each Kleen Opener order comes with a Free Tool Kit with all of the necessary tools for installation because we want you to be able to install your Kleen Opener correctly and with ease.

But we know that we cannot account for every possible error out there. So should you find your Kleen Opener has been lost during the waste hauling process, please Contact Us and we would love to work with you to resolve this.


Why are my dumpster lids open after the waste haulers come?

Sometimes when your dumpster is put back after being emptied the Kleen Opener arms and lids will be open. This is because the arms sometimes open when the dumpster is tipped. And as our product is designed, the arms remain open unless closed manually. 

If your waste hauler gets out of the truck to move the dumpsters, sometimes they will close the Kleen Opener arms for you. You can also coordinate with your local waste hauling company about closing the lids with Kleen Opener. But if you notice that the dumpsters are left with the lids open then the next person who takes out the trash can close the lids. If you are worried about being compliant with local codes, fear not! Since your bin has just been emptied and there is no waste inside you are compliant. But we understand that you want your lids closed so simply the next person to take out the trash will close the lids!


Will the straps get caught in the forklift?

If your Kleen Opener is installed as described in our Installation Manual then the orange pull down straps should rest out of the way of where the waste hauler's forks pick up the dumpster. But we know that there are many different types and designs of bins out there, so to alleviate this risk we have updated our product to include a Nylon Strap Cleat.

The Nylon Strap Cleat is a durable hook that attaches to the front of your dumpster with 3M VHB Double Sided Tape. The pull down straps can be hung on the hooks when not in use to rest out of the way of the waste hauler's forks. You can learn more about how to install and use this component of your Kleen Opener kit here.


See what happens when waste haulers empty dumpster with Kleen Opener.



Still have questions? Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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