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Is Your Building Still Missing This Upgrade in 2020?

Is Your Building Still Missing This Upgrade in 2020?


Do you rent out commercial or residential facilities? Then you know that it is important to stay up to date on many technologies because the businesses and tenants that use your facilities want state-of-the-art things. It is hard to keep track of all of the new systems on the market and to decide what is worth the investment. But there is a simple yet overlooked part of almost any property that is overdue for an upgrade in 2019 - the dumpster!


Upgrade Your Dumpster with a Kleen Opener


Does your dumpster ever look like this?



With the Kleen Opener your dumpsters will look like this.



Kleen Opener is a device that allows you to easily open and close a dumpster lid without touching the lid or the dumpster.



Why You Should Care About Open Dumpster Lids:

1. Safety

How many times have you lost control of the big lids while trying to shut them? With the Kleen Opener you will be able to safely shut your dumpster lid and save your fingers from potentially getting slammed! The Kleen Opener allows for your renters to easily lift and shut the big and dirty lids with ease. A simple tug of a strap engages our mechanism to gently raise and shut the plastic dumpster lids.

Gone are the days of juggling bulky trash bags while trying to open and close dumpster lids. With Kleen Opener you can open the lid with ease allowing you to focus on safely lifting your trash into the bin with both arms.

2. Sanitation

Open dumpster lids are a sanitary issue for your building. If left open your dumpster is prone to the elements - rain can fill your dumpster leading to nasty overflow while wind can cause debris to dirty your property.

Additionally open lids make your dumpsters accessible to birds, rodents, and other vermin who may try to it their new home. Keep your property free from these unwanted pests who bring along many potential health and sanitation issues.

With the Kleen Opener you will never have to touch the dirty plastic lid of your dumpster again. This allows your renters to stay cleaner and allows you to be compliant for having a healthy environment.

3. Efficiency and Compliance

With the Kleen Opener taking out the garbage will no longer be a dreaded task. By giving this space a simple upgrade you are creating a more efficient environment that your renters and employees will be more likely to use and upkeep. Open dumpster lids can lead to a code violation from the Health Department. Providing your tenants with an easy and efficient way to keep the dumpsters closed will allow you to stay compliant with local ordinances.


Dumpsters are cast away as a less than glamorous part of your property; they are hidden and ignored. Because of this they get disgusting and are off-putting. But this is no longer the case because there is a simple and easy way to upgrade this space and provide value to your renters today!

The Kleen Opener is a quick and easy solution for your dumpster that will help upgrade your building drastically. It may not seem like much but it is a simple and necessary upgrade for your building in 2019.

Make the Upgrade Today - Get a Kleen Opener Now!

You do not have to wait to upgrade your building. Get this time saving, sanitary keeping and efficient product today. You won’t regret your decision to get this quick and easy solution.




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